Laminate Flooring – Top Tips for Maintenance

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Laminate is first and foremost very easy to maintain.  Nevertheless, proper cleaning is necessary.  In order to maintain the exceptional appearance of your flooring for years to come, the correct use of cleaning agents and proper technique is required.

The right care for your laminate flooring

Quality laminate flooring has a life span over many years.  To ensure that your laminate flooring looks like new for as long as possible, please take note of the following care instructions:

  • NEVER clean with abrasives, scouring powder or steel wool
  • Keep a brush and/or dust mop handy for daily quick sweeps to avoid accumulation of dirt, dust and pet hair
  • Regular floor cleaners, such as the pine scented kind are NOT recommended for use on laminate as they can leave a dull, soapy residue
  • When cleaning, make sure the cloth is damp, NOT soaking wet
  • If you want to use anything other than a damp cloth, always buy specially formulated laminate cleaner purchased in store, ask for details
  • Wipe up water and other spills promptly as excess water or other liquid can damage floors and cause warping.  Take extra caution in areas with flowerpots, vases etc
  • Microfibre mops are the best for this type of flooring.  Finish off by drying the surface with a dry mop or pad
  • Laminate floors DO NOT require waxing and applying floor wax of any kind can result in a dull build-up
  • NEVER drag furniture or other items across the floor, rather lift and put into place
  • Use furniture pads on the bottoms and legs of furniture, available in store.
  • Office chairs with wheels should use Class W soft castors
  • If you have pets, keep their nails trimmed to avoid nicks and scratches
  • NEVER use any type of steam cleaner or steaming products

Unsuitable cleaning agents

The following cleaning agents are not suited for cleaning laminate flooring:

  • Waxes
  • Bleach
  • Strong solvents
  • Abrasive polish that can damage the surface coating

Light sensitivity

Laminate flooring is light resistant to Level 6 of the Blue Wood Scale according to DIN 13229, meaning that the colouring of your flooring will always remain the same.

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