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As Easter approaches, we’re now pretty much moved in to our new premises at Unit 4 (we used to be across the road at 2a) at our Benton Shop.

Both Benton and Blaydon will be opening during the Easter break as follows

Good Friday – 10.30am until 3.30pm
Saturday – 9.30am until 5.00pm
Sunday – Closed
Easter Monday – 10.30am until 3.30pm


Solid Wood – for a naturally beautiful floor

By bringing the feel of the forest into your home, a solid wood floor not only offers strength and durability but also the tactile sensation of its natural wood texture.  Once installed, it soon becomes a living, breathing part of your surroundings, radiating its warmth and feeling confident under your feet.

Wood has a natural texture, and with love and care, can show the fullness of its character.  With inspiring grains, mellow hues, rustic textures, elegance and strength, solid woods bring you closer to nature than ever before. 

Our tip at Doors & Floors Limited, when choosing your wood floor – take a sample and stand on it bare foot!

If you require further advice, please contact us via our Contact Us page.


From timeless natural hues, daylight whites, subtle greys to elegant browns, Doors & Floors Limited can help you choose the most appropriate hue for your project. 

For those who are attracted to the natural look with visible knots, cracks and the unique natural look of wood, a timeless natural hue could be just what you are looking for. 

Where you have natural light a daylight white wood flooring can make a beautiful bold statement in your home against accent colours and interiors.   

Going for contemporary or modern?  Hues of grey say it all and provide a fusion of old and new.

For a creation of warmth and luxury try elegant browns against bright walls to create a classic and bold statement.

If you require further advice, please contact us via our Contact Us page.


Unlike factory-made and artificial materials, each wood board has its own life story.  Over the 60 plus years it takes for a tree to mature, it will develop a one-of-a-kind grain pattern and texture.

Only a man-made product will be as uniform as plastic, laminate or wallpaper.

Solid wood products, like wine and diamonds, are shaped by natural forces and they may display a variety of character markings.

Knots are character marks.  As the tree grows taller and the canopy gets denser many of the lower branches will drop off due to the lack of light leaving knots where the branch formed.

Boards from the same tree will have significant variation in colour.  Typically, wood is darkest at the centre, or heart wood, and lighter the closer it gets to the exterior, or sapwood.  You will see the effects from fire, minerals, the amount of water and light throughout the life of a tree.

The effects of the environment are in constant flux, for example the first 20 years of a tree’s life may be under the shadow of an older and larger tree.  The mature tree is harvested or dies on its own and the amount of sun increases and the competition for water and nutrients decreases.  This change results in a faster growth and the annual rings will be further apart.

Character Markings and Glossary Knots

Hard, cylindrical regions marking locations of branches that have been encased by later growth of the tree. 

Mineral Streaks

Olive or greyish markings caused by such environmental factors as trace elements in water or soil.


The paler coloured wood closer to the bark of the tree


The directions, size, appearance and quality of wood fibres

Growth Ring

Layer of wood added to a tree during a single growing season made up of early wood and

late wood

No two pieces of wood are the same and as a result of this, your project will be unique.  These character markings have no impact on the structural integrity of your project. 

If you require further advice, please contact us via our Contact Us page or drop into our showrooms at Blaydon or Benton for a chat.