Like all treasured items, your flooring will need adequate care and maintenance to keep it in good condition and ensure it lasts a long time.

The first thing to remember is that wood flooring is a natural material and will react in response to its environment. Changes to the appearance over the years is normal and to be expected. Your flooring still needs proper care throughout its lifetime.

Room conditions

  • Keep the room temperature stable and maintain it between 15°C – 24°C
  • Keep the humidity stable and maintain it between 35% – 55%

Handy tips

  • Place effective door mats next to all doors leading to outside
  • Avoid wearing outdoor shoes on the floor
  • Maintain your pets’ nails to avoid them scratching the floor
  • Apply felt pads to furniture legs and avoid dragging furniture over the floor
  • Never pour water on the floor and when mopping only use a slightly damp and well wrung out mop
  • Clear up liquid spills immediately
  • Neglected floors will deteriorate as a result of not being looked after

Cleaning immediately after installation

  • Remove all dust from floor (with vacuum on hardwood floor setting or brush) and clean floor with a wood floor soap diluted with water.  Use a well wrung out mop
  • Ideally, wipe down your floor every day for the first couple of weeks after installation as per above instructions

Day to day maintenance

  • Clean wood floors only with an approved wood floor soap and dilute with water
  • Day to day cleaning can be done with a vacuum set to hardwood floor setting or by sweeping the floor
  • Oiled flooring can be mopped when especially dirty
  • Floor should be dried after cleaning with a mop to remove excess water
  • Avoid excessive scrubbing as this can strip the floor of its natural oils and leave it prone to damage

Removal of tough stains and refreshing tired flooring

  • Remove tough stains by sanding the area using first Grade 80 and then Grade 220 sandpaper to remove oil and smooth surface.  Now apply thin coat of oil and allow to dry
  • For tired floors, apply a liquid wax cleaner to refresh, following the instructions on the tin.

Annual maintenance

  • Treat your flooring with a coat of maintenance oil at least once per year for the first several years to help protect the floor

This advice is provided free of charge and clients should always carefully read and follow instructions provided on the floor care products.  Common sense should be employed when taking care of flooring and wooden floors should not be cleaned with abrasives or steel wool.

If you require further advice, please contact us via our Contact Us page.


It is the duty of the installer/owner, whether professional or DIY (Do-it-Yourself), to inspect all flooring before installation. 

If the installer/owner feels the flooring is

  • the wrong colour
  • improperly manufactured
  • has finish problems
  • is off-grade or
  • is the wrong gloss level;

please DO NOT install the flooring and immediately contact Doors & Floors Limited.  No claim will be accepted for flooring which is visibly wrong if such product is installed. 

If you require further advice, please contact us via our Contact Us page.


Laminate is first and foremost very easy to maintain.  Nevertheless, proper cleaning is necessary.  In order to maintain the exceptional appearance of your flooring for years to come, the correct use of cleaning agents and proper technique is required.

The right care for your laminate flooring

Quality laminate flooring has a life span over many years.  To ensure that your laminate flooring looks like new for as long as possible, please take note of the following care instructions:

  • NEVER clean with abrasives, scouring powder or steel wool
  • Keep a brush and/or dust mop handy for daily quick sweeps to avoid accumulation of dirt, dust and pet hair
  • Regular floor cleaners, such as the pine scented kind are NOT recommended for use on laminate as they can leave a dull, soapy residue
  • When cleaning, make sure the cloth is damp, NOT soaking wet
  • If you want to use anything other than a damp cloth, always buy specially formulated laminate cleaner purchased in store, ask for details
  • Wipe up water and other spills promptly as excess water or other liquid can damage floors and cause warping.  Take extra caution in areas with flowerpots, vases etc
  • Microfibre mops are the best for this type of flooring.  Finish off by drying the surface with a dry mop or pad
  • Laminate floors DO NOT require waxing and applying floor wax of any kind can result in a dull build-up
  • NEVER drag furniture or other items across the floor, rather lift and put into place
  • Use furniture pads on the bottoms and legs of furniture, available in store.
  • Office chairs with wheels should use Class W soft castors
  • If you have pets, keep their nails trimmed to avoid nicks and scratches
  • NEVER use any type of steam cleaner or steaming products

Unsuitable cleaning agents

The following cleaning agents are not suited for cleaning laminate flooring:

  • Waxes
  • Bleach
  • Strong solvents
  • Abrasive polish that can damage the surface coating

Light sensitivity

Laminate flooring is light resistant to Level 6 of the Blue Wood Scale according to DIN 13229, meaning that the colouring of your flooring will always remain the same.

If you require further advice, please contact us via our Contact Us page.


Timber is a living material.  A wooden floor, although no longer growing as part of a tree, is still very much part of its environment.  As such, it responds to the light, temperature, humidity and wear to which it is exposed. Over time, it is normal to see some movement in the boards owing to changes in temperature and humidity.

As the floor ages the colour of the wood will mellow and change. This is a natural process that occurs as the surface of the wood is exposed to oxygen in the air and to ultraviolet light from the sun.

Wear and Tear

Sharp objects such as high heels or chair and table legs can dent your floor. Whenever possible protect your wood by fixing felt or rubber pads under chairs and sofas and under furniture that may be dragged across the floor. Particular attention should be given to areas in the room that encounter heavy foot traffic such as entrances, walkways, corridors and areas in front of sinks. The floor in these places may need additional protection, such as a mat.

General after-care cleaning

Normal cleaning to remove surface debris is accomplished using a broom or vacuum cleaner.  To remove normal stains and non-loose dirt, the floor should be cleaned with a recommended lacquered flooring cleaning spray.  This easy to use spray is ideal for hectic homes which need a quick cleaning solution – simply spray evenly across the floor, allow a minute to work on any stubborn marks and simply wipe over.  We recommend the use of a micro fibre mop.

Cleaning extremely dirty floors

If the floor has been neglected and/or becomes very dirty, it is advisable to use a lacquered flooring intensive cleaner. 

If you require further advice, please contact us via our Contact Us page.