From timeless natural hues, daylight whites, subtle greys to elegant browns, Doors & Floors Limited can help you choose the most appropriate hue for your project. 

For those who are attracted to the natural look with visible knots, cracks and the unique natural look of wood, a timeless natural hue could be just what you are looking for. 

Where you have natural light a daylight white wood flooring can make a beautiful bold statement in your home against accent colours and interiors.   

Going for contemporary or modern?  Hues of grey say it all and provide a fusion of old and new.

For a creation of warmth and luxury try elegant browns against bright walls to create a classic and bold statement.

If you require further advice, please contact us via our Contact Us page.


With the nights closing in, the temperature dropping, it has been a bit of shock to the system after the lovely hot summer we’ve had. 

Why not pop along and have a look at our new range of flooring and doors in readiness for Christmas coming?   We’ve got many products available on display, some of which you could take home on the day or have delivered. 

If you need a quote for fitting, we can provide you with contacts who we highly recommend in the local area.


We are pleased to welcome to the team, Michael, who will be joining to carry out his Apprenticeship in Joinery.  Michael will join the team at Blaydon where he will receive excellent training from our recommended joiners.  During his training, he will spend time at Quickstep Academy to receive bespoke training on how to fit the Quickstep products.  We look forward to supporting him with his chosen career and in joining the Doors & Floors family.

“Family” News: We’ve had another engagement this year with the Wedding planned for 2020 (that seems so far away!).  Congratulations to Neil, from our Blaydon shop and Kathryn; we can’t wait to celebrate with you on the big day. 


We are proud to share that our shops are into their 8th (Blaydon) and 5th (Benton) years of trading.  It is a great sense of achievement for us as we know that many other businesses in the industry, some “big” names, are struggling or have since ceased trading.

We have built up excellent relationships with our suppliers to enable us to keep prices lower for our customers.  By extending our range in flooring and doors, suppliers such as XL and LPD have added new ranges and we’ll soon be adding these on display in both shops over the next few weeks.

“Family” News: Congratulations to Liam and Hannah who have become engaged to be married.  Liam works in the Blaydon shop and we all wish them the very best.